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3 Tips for Navigating the Holidays

As holidays approach, my thoughts turn to the “mixed bag” that the holiday season can produce. Positive elements, such as celebration, connecting with family, and spiritual reflection are often rivaled by feelings of anxiety, strain and even painful memories. I would like to offer 3 tips for parents on how to negotiate common “Holiday Challenges”.

Fun Art and Science Projects with Halloween Candy!

Delight your Children with Art and Science Projects using Halloween Candy!   Halloween is here – a time of ghosts, goblins, and…..CANDY! Do you dread arguing with your children about candy limits? Well, I have great news. There are fun and creative activities you can do with candy – including projects to engage your kids in art

‘Tis the Season to be…Stressed?

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…so they say. But ask any mom out there and you might get a different answer. Along with the joy, tradition and magic, the holidays can be overwhelming and stressful. Ever notice your head spinning at the very thought of cookie exchanges, holiday performances, parties, and the ever

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