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3 Tips for Navigating the Holidays

As holidays approach, my thoughts turn to the “mixed bag” that the holiday season can produce. Positive elements, such as celebration, connecting with family, and spiritual reflection are often rivaled by feelings of anxiety, strain and even painful memories. I would like to offer 3 tips for parents on how to negotiate common “Holiday Challenges”.

Newsletter | October 5, 2018

TALKING ABOUT SEXUAL ASSAULT WITH CHILDREN AND TEENS The political events of the last few weeks have focused our national, neighborhood, and family conversations on sexual assault, abuse and harassment. Wherever you find yourself on the political spectrum, many report that this is an emotionally grueling time. It has been particularly triggering for those who have experienced

4 Tips for Helping Kids Cope with Wildfires

By Melissa J. Johnson, PH.D. Founder & CEO Licensed Psychologist (PSY 13102) As we speak with parents, teachers, and kids this week, wildfire related stress is a common theme. The saturated news coverage, school closures, and smoky air all add to the stress for kids. We want to share some curated resources for families, educators, and others who

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