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3 Tips for Navigating the Holidays

As holidays approach, my thoughts turn to the “mixed bag” that the holiday season can produce. Positive elements, such as celebration, connecting with family, and spiritual reflection are often rivaled by feelings of anxiety, strain and even painful memories. I would like to offer 3 tips for parents on how to negotiate common “Holiday Challenges”.

Using Our Imaginations for Good! Guided Imagery & Other Experiential Tools for Relaxation and Stress Reduction

There is an old saying that “whatever you give your attention to grows.” Think about how that plays out–in your garden or your work, with your children, or with your worries and fears. In times of stress, guided imagery offers one strategy for shifting our attention to positive resources. Guided imagery helps us to enter

Newsletter | October 5, 2018

TALKING ABOUT SEXUAL ASSAULT WITH CHILDREN AND TEENS The political events of the last few weeks have focused our national, neighborhood, and family conversations on sexual assault, abuse and harassment. Wherever you find yourself on the political spectrum, many report that this is an emotionally grueling time. It has been particularly triggering for those who have experienced

After the election: Conversations with our children

In the aftermath of the divisive 2016 election, many parents are asking, “How do we talk to our children?” Many parents acknowledge that they are experiencing big feelings, lots of questions, and a desire to identify action steps for healing and moving forward. They’ve also shared that their children are having many of these same

Doing Our Own Bodywise Work Calming in Times of Stress

The new school year is off and running with excitement and stress. Research shows that there are many good ways to deal with your stress as a parent. In fact, soothing yourself will calm your kids. Here are some activities to de-stress. Enjoy. Lead your kids to the road of relaxation by example: The first

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