Encourage your daughter to find her special talents:

Girls have all kinds of strengths. Hopefully, over the next years, your daughter will have a chance to explore many things. Through school programs, after school programs, and at-home activities, your daughter may enjoy drawing, art projects, sports, dance classes, science projects, math games, music lessons, environmental conservation, and creating stories. Help your girl identify the things she likes most–and why.
• What does she like about mixing colors?
• What feels good about running really fast and really hard?
• Which activities create feelings of fun or energy?
• What does her body love to do?
• What does her mind find interesting?
• How does her body feel when she engages in these activities–creative, full of zest, strong, coordinated, frustrated by challenges, proud of accomplishments? Help her find words for all of it.

Activities, followed by some conversation, can encourage your daughter to discover her inner talents and enjoy the wonderful strengths and talents in her body, mind, and spirit.

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