Poems About Our Bodies

These poems were written by Mattie J. T. Stepanek, a very inspiring boy who wrote poems and advocated for people to treat each other peacefully and with love. You can learn more about him by visiting his website here: Mattie Online.

The Smell of a Noise

I smell something.
It smells like a noise.
Like a turtle noise.
Yes, that’s what it is.
It is a turtle noise,
And it is wonderful,
Because turtles
Live inside of seashells.
Would you like to
Live in a seashell?
It would smell like
A turtle noise,
But I think
It would be wonderful!


This morning,
I smelled something very good.
It was a rainbow.
Or maybe,
It was a dinosaur smile.
Or even,
A seashell.
I am not sure
What I smelled.
And I am not sure
What rainbows
Or dinosaur smiles
Or seashells
Smell like.
But I’m sure they smell wonderful.
Wonderful and special
Like the smell of
But also,
I’m sure they smell
A little sad,
Because we can’t really smell
A rainbow,
Or a dinosaur smile,
Or a seashell,
Or especially,
We can’t really smell
The wonderful smell
Of Angel-Wings.

When My Feet Itch
When my feet itch,
Maybe I’ll think about
Riding on a dinosaur
With my mom —
And then,
I won’t remember that my feet itch.
When my feet itch,
Maybe I’ll think about
Spending the night at the
North Pole with Santa Claus —
And then,
It will be too cold for my feet to itch.
When my feet itch,
Maybe I’ll think about
Playing with Nick and Ben
Because they’re some of the
Best friends a kid could ever have —
And then,
I won’t care if my feet itch or not.
Or maybe, when my feet itch,
I’ll think about Angels —
Because they don’t make
You itch when you touch them.

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