BODY TALK: Get media savvy and body wise — Grades 3-8

A private group workshop

Teaching girls how to be media-savvy and talk straight about their bodies

Who: Girls in 3rd – 8th grade and their parents/ adult caregivers!

Cost: The cost of this 2 hour private workshop is $600 and includes an experienced team of IFGD staff who offers skills-based curriculum relevant to girls and their friendships today.

What: In this fun, activity-filled workshop, girls will learn ways to be media-savvy and to talk straight about their bodies when the topic comes up (which it does, almost every day!). This workshop offers girls framework for talking back to the negative messages they may receive about their bodies that come from the media, friends, adults, and even themselves. Discover ways your media smarts can make a positive difference!

FOR PARENTS (this workshop is offered concurrently with Body Talk for girls)

Additionally, this workshop includes a parent component, which provides the parents with additional tools to help their daughters build on the skills that they learn in the workshop.

Parents, are you bombarded with alarming media messages about girls and body image, food and weight, and eating disorders? Do you find yourself concerned about the sexualization of girls in the media? Do you wonder how you can best help your daughter feel good about who she is? Confident in her body? Great at taking care of herself? This informative workshop will provide smart tips and strategies that you can put right to work.

This workshop is also available for high school groups!

Please contact (626) 585-8075, ext. 121 for more information.

Limited dates available for private workshops

.Recommended for Girl Scouts
and other organizations for girls




ext. 121

for more information.

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