Bring on that Adventurer Spirit!

The door to our study is covered with decorative paper. A box of colored pens sit nearby. Drawings and words tell the stories of “new things we’ve done.” Learning a new skill, discovering a musical artist we’ve never listened to before, letting kids teach us a new game, all are grist for the adventurer’s mill. Perhaps you could try something new once a day or once a week. The cool thing about keeping a record is that it enhances the expedition.
Be Mindful! We undertake fresh and original activities all the time. The deal is, we may not pay attention to the novelty. I love avocados and have eaten them hundreds of times. Last week, I sprinkled one with fresh lemon juice and just a bit of ground pepper. I let myself be absorbed, attending to the color, the creaminess of the fruit, where in my mouth I felt the zest of the lemon & the kick of the pepper. I’m not sure I’ve ever tasted one quite like that before. These simple pleasures can become part of the adventurer’s daily journey.

Ask Questions: One of my favorite questions is: How did you do that? It’s an explorer’s question. I inquire it of folks who’ve tried things I’m interested in doing. How did you get to that peak? How did you paint that sculpture? How did you learn that game? Let other adventurers nourish you with their experience.

Keep a Record. An “I Did It!” list, a banner on the door, or a gratitude journal are all mediums for mapping your explorations. At the end of the summer take a look at all the great places you’ve been. Enjoy the memories. Let them inspire your next adventure.


Originally published in the Orange Cat Newsletter

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