Make Friends with your Body

Let’s get real!  Make friends with your body!

Making Friends with Your Body: Introduction

“Are you friends with your body? You may be asking, “what does that mean?” Well, for example, do you like being in your body? Do you like how your body feels when you do some fun physical activity? When you relax with friends or music or a hot bath? When you eat some yummy food? When you have a good night’s sleep? Do you speak kindly about your body, like you would a close friend? The idea of being friends with our bodies may sound a bit corny. But actually, feeling good about our bodies is part of feeling good about ourselves. And, we like that, right? Let’s explore making friends with our body…”


Making Friends with Your Body, Exercise 1: Slowing Down the Spiral 

“Ever noticed how negative body talk can really spiral down? You look in the mirror and say “I wish my stomach was flatter.” And then, whoosh, the thoughts go wild. “I wish my stomach was flat like that model in the magazine.” “My belly will never look like that.” “I am so ugly.” “No one will ever love me.” Yikes! Did you know that you can actually change how you feel about your body by catching yourself in those moments of internal insult? You can STOP or at least SLOW DOWN the downward spiral…”


Making Friends with Your Body, Exercise 2: Building Blocks of Appreciation 

“One Monday morning, Juanita danced the Cha Cha Cha,
her sister Silvia learned to play the accordion,
Gloria invented a new language.
They all decided to be true to themselves
From the book “The Persistence of Yellow: A book of recipes for life”
by Monique Duval

This exercise gives you a chance to get creative! To find ways you can appreciate your body for its abilities. When we talk to girls about how they feel about their bodies, we most often hear about “appearance.” Truth is, our bodies are more than appearance–they are sources of strength and pleasure and more. Try this and see what comes up…”


Making Friends with Your Body, Exercise 3: Inspiration Station 

“Give yourself a sign: Ever put up a post it note to remind you of something? Well, why not let a note inspire?! Placing healthy, positive messages and quotes around your mirror or on your closet door creates your inspiration station…”


Embodiment Poetry: Celebrate the Body

“What are you favorite poems that celebrate the body…”

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