Stress Less and Feel Your Best — Grades 5-8

Stress Less and Feel Your Best

How to calm big emotions, increase gratitude, make time for self-care and thrive


Who: Girls and teens in 5th to 8th grades and their parents

Girls’ and Teens’ Workshops in our Courtyard:

As we all know, the middle school and high school years can be stressful.  Students are balancing rigorous classes, extracurricular activities, friendships, social media drama, and more, and they need to learn ways to manage these stressors. We love hearing from girls and teens about the ways they manage stress and feel their best, and we also love helping them grow their list of strategies!

This dynamic, skill-building workshop gives girls and teens practical tools to better understand and manage their emotions, reduce stress, focus on gratitude, build in a self-care practice, and more.   

The workshop is facilitated by our experienced team using a skills-based curriculum  – and it’s offered in our beautiful outdoor courtyard.  The curriculum teaches key social and emotional skills in an engaging, developmentally appropriate format, including fun activities and creative projects.  Attendees will make multiple self-care items to bring home – and they’ll be given booklets with worksheets and information to reinforce the curriculum.

Timing: The girls’ and teens’ workshops are generally offered Fridays from 4pm to 6pm.  We can schedule daytime sessions for school groups interested in attending during the school day.

Parent Talk over Zoom: Parents are invited to attend a parent talk over Zoom covering similar concepts. This interactive talk provides parents with the tools they need to help their daughters build on the skills that they learned in the workshop and to support them in managing big emotions and feeling their best.  It’s offered by a member of our team who is an expert on the social and emotional lives of girls and teens.

Timing: We can schedule your group’s parent talk over Zoom during the girls’ workshop or on a different evening or over lunch that week.

Cost: The cost of this private workshop and parent talk is $600.  The fee covers our experienced team members who facilitate both the girls’ workshop and the parent talk, plus the proprietary curriculum, take-home booklets, and materials for the creative projects. 

Girl Scout troops, for example, often fund the workshop by pulling a portion from their troop budget and then asking each attending family to pitch in $20 to $30.

Contact us:  We’re excited to connect with you to discuss your group’s needs and our available 2021-22 workshop dates!  Please contact our Director of Community Education and Outreach, Paige Hobey, at

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