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#WomensHistoryMonth Campaign 2019

This past March, to celebrate Women’s History Month, we featured Women Making History across our social media platforms! The women featured are all currently involved in feminist activism and they’re using their voices in unique and inspiring ways. Read on for the full list of women we featured and more information about their work, including

What’s new with groups for girls, teens, young women, and parents?

Start 2019 with the right support! Dear friends and colleagues, Are you looking for an effective way to support your child, teen or yourself with skill building and camaraderie in a positive environment with peers? Here at the Institute, we celebrate the value of group therapy to help people grow in particular ways. We currently

Gratitude Paper Chains

GRATITUDE PAPER CHAINS Create a Gratitude Chain with your family. Use colored paper and pre-write a gratitude prompt on each link. Then, tape the links together and hang the chain. Each day, remove one link – maybe during a family dinner – and everyone can answer that prompt. Some prompt ideas: Name a food, game, friend, trip,

International Day of the Girl 2018

October 11 is International Day of the Girl! October 12 is our celebration, viewing the film Beauty Bites Beast with the filmmaker Ellen Snortland! Join us!   What is your family, classroom or organization doing to celebrate the International Day of the Girl? Perhaps you’ll be joining us for our film night, mini self-defense training,

Helping Kids to Confidently Ride the Waves of Big Feelings

HELPING KIDS TO CONFIDENTLY RIDE THE WAVES OF BIG FEELINGS   By Jessica Fisher, Psy.D. Post-Doctoral Fellow / Dialectical Behavior Therapy Specialty Supervised by Vicki Chiang, Psy.D, PSY21136   How do I know if my child could use support?  Some kids are born into the world with big feelings! This is both a gift and

For Girls who Love Sports

Here are some websites to explore: Multicultural Golf Association of America, Inc. This organization partners with schools and community-based programs to help inner-city youth. Young people between the ages of 8 and 17 get a chance to learn the sport and its lessons about leadership and discipline. Learn what the Women’s Sports Foundation

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