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7 Steps to Raising Intuitive Eaters

Angela Youngs, PsyD Teach hunger/fullness cues.Throughout the day, especially during meal and snack times, prompt your children to check in with their bodies. Are they hungry? How do they know? What signals do their bodies send to them to alert them of hunger? How hungry are they? How do they know when they’re full? Prompting such

Postpartum Mental Health Resources

POSTPARTUM MENTAL HEALTH RESOURCES [engine_spacer] Postpartum Support International (PSI) Hotline in English and Spanish: 800-944-4773   The National Women’s Health Information Center 800-944-9662   Maternal Mental Health Now A Los Angeles-based organization committed to education families and professionals about postpartum mental health   Postpartum Progress An informational webpage and blog created by

Postpartum Mental Health Myths Vs. Facts

POSTPARTUM MENTAL HEALTH MYTHS VERSUS FACTS   Myth: Very few women experience baby blues. Fact: Approximately 70% – 80% of women will experience, at a minimum, the baby blues; about 20% will experience the more severe postpartum depression and its other subtypes.   Myth: Postpartum depression begins directly after birth. Fact: It is believed that

Announcing our expanded Perinatal & Postpartum Program!

Announcing our expanded Perinatal & Postpartum Program!   We know how beautiful, frustrating, exciting and exhausting it can be to begin the parenthood journey. Our compassionate therapists offer unique support and resources to assist women in gently finding their way through the many stages of starting or growing a family. Our expanded Perinatal and Postpartum

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